Monday, February 15, 2016


By Sanskrit Kannan (SRCM Preceptor of Sahaj Marg)

         As we all know, Prayer forms an important aspect in the Sahaj Marg daily Sādhana, the other two being Meditation (in the morning) and Cleaning (after the day’s work is over).  In our Sahaj Marg system, we are advised to offer our Prayer at bed-time, i.e., before going to sleep in the night in a supplicant mood with our heart full of love.  A separate Prayer containing just three sentences is prescribed by the Master.  It reads thus:

         O Master
          Thou are the real goal of human life
          We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement
          Thou art the only God and power to bring us upto that stage”.

         Before we go into the details of the Prayer in our Shri Ram Chandra Mission, let us try to find out what we understand by the term ‘Prayer’ and through this understanding, try to answer the following questions.

Ø  What is prayer?
Ø  Why should we pray?
Ø  How should we pray?
Ø  What should we pray for?
Ø  And finally, to whom should we pray?

All these questions will be answered elaborately in the subsequent posts. 

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